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At Cwell, we specialize in catalyzing growth for smart home automation businesses. With our data-driven marketing strategies, we empower your technologies to reach consumers eager for home transformation. Trust us to illuminate your innovative solutions, amplifying your impact in this digital age

Experience a wave of inbound organic leads in as little as six months

Prepare to be swept up in a strong current of inbound organic leads, all set to make landfall in as short a span as six months.

Boost your online standing with amplified Google reviews

Elevate your digital footprint with Cwell, as we turbocharge your online reputation with a surge of positive Google reviews.

Ensure your sales team’s phone never stops ringing with our strategies

Activate the power of Cwell and keep your sales team engaged with a continuous stream of calls, thanks to our effective marketing strategies.

Welcome to the future

Transforming Clicks to Clients, with Our Cutting Edge Marketing Solution.

How It Works



We bring you into our world and get every bit of information we need to get to work.



We define your competition and target audience. Discover what is working in your online industry, then design your website accordingly



We craft targeted, innovative marketing campaigns that drive growth for smart home automation companies.



We develop compelling, results-driven marketing strategies tailored specifically for smart home automation businesses



We provide robust, round-the-clock support to smart home automation companies for their marketing endeavors

About Us

Hello from Shon and Lane! In our past life, we built a tech company from scratch, saw it prosper, and eventually sold it. We loved the industry so much, we couldn’t just step away. So we swapped our tech hats for marketing ones and haven’t looked back.

Over the past decade, we’ve honed our skills, celebrated wins, learned from losses, and had an incredible amount of fun doing it all. We’re not just business partners, we’re buddies who share a love for this industry and a dedication to driving success for businesses like yours.

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Looking to take your home automation business to the next level? There's no time like the present! Let's set you on the path to greater visibility, increased leads, and impressive sales. With a proven track record and a passion for what we do, we're here to help you navigate the nuances of marketing in this dynamic industry. Whether you're a new player or an established business ready to expand, we're equipped to accelerate your growth. Start scaling your home automation business with us today, and witness the transformation tomorrow!

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